Success In School

Weekend Webinars

“Success in School!”

(Study Skills Webinar)

‘A learning experience you can’t ignore!’

All sessions are designed to increase the students’ confidence in their own ability to achieve.

ScottBelvoThe staff involved in presenting the course are all qualified and experienced school teachers trained in the SES study techniques, and are selected for their ability to motivate and communicate effectively with students.

Since 1991, students have been implementing our unique, innovative study techniques with very positive results.  As you are aware, skills for learning are at the very core of the educational process. We have found that if students learn how to study, their confidence soars and their school results can improve dramatically.

This very successful and fast moving webinar is designed to assist secondary school students to achieve to their full potential, by improving their study and organisational techniques and their motivation to succeed.

Ongoing research ensures that we remain the market leaders in this area of expertise. No other organisation has been chosen by so many schools and colleges throughout Ireland, to instruct students in learning techniques.

The following topics will be covered:

Students begin the course by completing a questionnaire to help identify areas which may be holding them back from achieving to their full potential.

1. Goal Setting: We stress the importance of setting realistic goals. We assist the students in setting their long, intermediate and short term goal charts.

2. Time Management: Students are shown how to construct a workable study/homework timetable to suit their personal needs.

3. Note Making: By working through our sample exercise sheets, students are taught the basic skills of note taking, thereby saving hours of wasted study time! We will examine different styles of note taking (outline method, spider diagrams, mind mapping, graphic organisers, concept maps).

4. Memory Techniques: Simple ideas to improve one’s capacity to store information. Students love this entertaining but very useful session!

5. Exam Techniques: We show students how to prepare for and sit their exams and how to construct their revision planners. We point out common pitfalls and explain to them what the examiner is really looking for.

6. The “S.E.S Test” method of studying: Perhaps the most important session of the course! Most students have no idea as to how to study and to retain the information learnt. Their response to this proven and unique method of study, (“SES Test method”), has been remarkable! Students feel confident that by using these methods they can now do really well in school.

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