Useful Templates

Useful Templates

The following templates are designed to help students who have attended our school seminar.
Hopefully, they will assist you in putting into practise some of the concepts covered in our visit to your school.

“Remember, there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”  C Powell


Print any pages you think may prove useful to your studies.


1. Your ‘study skills’ checklist:
These will help you to remember the various ideas covered at the seminar and allow you to see how you are progressing.  Check your score every fortnight.

First & Second Years
Third Years
Fifth Years
Sixth Years


2. Your Goals Chart:

Leaving Cert
Junior Cert
CAO points calculator


3. Monthly Goals:
Plan out specific goals in each subject for the month ahead

All Year Levels


4. Weekly Goals:
Set yourself a specific revision plan for each week

Weekly Goals Notebook
Leaving Cert.
Junior Cert.

5. Timetables:

Blank Timetable
Weight Subjects for Leaving Cert. students


6. GCSE students:

Study Skills checklist
Long Term Goals
Weekly Goals
Blank Timetable


7. Exam classes:

Leaving Cert Timetable

Junior Cert Timetable