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SCHOOL VISITS: This year, due to COVID-19, we are providing schools with an option.  We are still conducting our face-to-face “Success in School!“classroom seminars as in previous years.  However, we are also offering our course as a “live” webinar via Zoom, for those who would prefer such a presentation in the current climate.
Please contact us for full details.

WEEKEND SEMINARS: This year we are conducting “live” webinars in place of our traditional Dublin & Cork seminars. Click here for further details.

Discover why our courses are so popular.

Amazing Learning Techniques!

Study Skills that really work!

Do you sometimes feel you:

  • Are wasting time, whilst you are supposed to be studying?
  • Just copy out large sections of your textbook?
  • Keep putting off studying until later?
  • End up “Cramming” at the last minute?
  • Forget a lot of what you’ve learnt within a few days?
  • Run out of time in exams?
  • Misread the questions?
  • don’t understand what the examiner is looking for?

If so:

Our proven study skills techniques will help.

You will be amazed how much more you can learn in a short period of time!


SES is widely recognised as the market leaders in study skills in Ireland. Discover why more than 300 schools invite us to instruct their students in this specialist area of education!


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