Final Revision

Final Revision Seminar

Our short Final Revision course is specifically designed for Third and Sixth Years as they approach their public exams! (Available March- May).

“It’s never too late to make a difference!”

The secret to success in the Leaving & Junior Cert exams is proper planning!  Most students have no plan, they just study and hope for the best!


The students will learn how to construct a structured,  personal plan.

“The Final Revision!”

A two and a half hour workshop suitable for Third or Sixth Years.

· covers the construction of a final revision planner
· examines the fundamentals of good exam techniques
· demonstrates our very quick method of revising
· generally increases the students confidence in their own ability to succeed

We explain the importance of using Past Papers, Examiners’ Reports, Marking Schemes and sample answers.

This workshop has been positively received by students.  It demonstrates that with a structured approach, their final revision can be extremely productive!


This course can also be presented as an online ‘live’ interactive webinar projected into the students’ classrooms. The webinar consists of two 50-minute sessions and is presented by two teachers in bite-sized sections. Students participate in short exercises and complete a short practical study session.  Please contact us for full details.


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