Follow On Seminar

Follow On Seminar

A “Refresher Course” designed for students who have previously attended our “Success in School” seminar.
(half day course)

The seminar can be held during your SCHOOL DAY or on WEEKENDS, whichever best suits your school’s needs.


We have found that students benefit greatly from a repeat session which helps to re motivate them and to assist them with any problem areas they may have encountered when trying to put into practice our techniques.

This is a two and a half hour course, revising previously learnt topics and introducing some new material. All exercises are different to those they would have encountered in the previous seminar.

Ideally, this course would be held in the year following the students’ attendance at our “Success in School” seminar.


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A possible strategy for a school attempting to maximise the effectiveness of our Study Skills programme in their school would be as follows:

Introduction to Study Skills: (Two and a half hours); 1st or 2nd Year.
Success in School: (Full day); 3rd or 5th Year.


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