Leaving Cert. Vocational Programme (L.C.V.P.)


Enterprise/Link Modules

This activity can be used in answering a LCVP question in the Leaving Cert. on the preparation of a business plan or for any question on leadership and teamwork.

The components of their plan would include:

  • production time
  • aims
  • personnel
  • evaluation methods.

The participants could evaluate themselves under the headings of:

  • teamwork,
  • success of the activity
  • ability to carry out an assigned task.

This half day workshop is a fun activity which the students thoroughly enjoy!  The objective is for a team of students to design and construct a vehicle and a bridge from the materials supplied.  There is a real sense of achievement when the team members see their vehicle cross their bridge!
The activity is divided into a Design Phase and a Construction Phase, with response sheets for each activity.

We examine past exam questions (and marking schemes) and show how this activity may be used to answer these questions in the Leaving Cert.


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