Study Skills Introduction

Introduction to Study Skills

Designed specifically for First Year and Second Year students ( half day course ),

The seminar can be held during your SCHOOL DAY or on WEEKENDS, whichever best suits your school’s needs.

This introductory course has been specifically designed as a result of numerous requests from school principals and year heads. Obviously, the earlier a student starts understanding the techniques of study, the greater their confidence in their own ability to achieve.


This course is fast moving and fun, covering the importance of self confidence; the basics of note taking; some easy time management principles and demonstrating the fundamentals of the SES study method.


It is a “hands-on” course, allowing the students to see for themselves how quickly they can improve!

Having now presented this course in more than 200 schools, we can vouch for its popularity and, above all, its effectiveness!


This course can also be presented as an online ‘live’ interactive webinar projected into the students’ classrooms. The webinar consists of two 45-minute sessions and is presented by two teachers in bite-sized sections. Students participate in short exercises and complete a short practical study session.

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Some schools use the following strategy to maximise the effectiveness of our different seminars for their students:
(in the following scenario, each student would see us three times during their six years in secondary school).

Introduction to Study Skills: Two and a half hours; 1st or 2nd Year.

Success in School: Full day; 3rd or 5th Year.

Follow-on Seminar: Two and a half hours; 6th Year.