Success In School

"Success in School"

(Study Skills seminar)



For Third, TY, Fifth or Sixth Year students
(Choose from full day and half day courses)


The seminar can be held during your SCHOOL DAY or on WEEKENDS, whichever best suits your school’s needs.

All courses presented by SES are conducted by experienced, fully qualified secondary school teachers, selected for their ability to inspire and motivate students.
Each student receives a booklet summarising the main points covered in the seminar.
All sessions are designed to increase the students’ confidence in their own ability to achieve.

The format of the seminar can be adapted to suit an individual school’s needs and time table restrictions.


Usual timing:
Full day course:   9:30a.m. – 3:15p.m.
Half day course:  Group a) 9.15am-12.00p.m.
Group b) 12.45-3.15p.m.

Held during a school day or on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday)


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Why ask us into your school?

One big advantage is that the students feel that they are being instructed by “specialist outsiders” The learning atmosphere of a condensed and intensive seminar has been found to make the student more receptive to the instruction received.

The students’ response sheets make it clear that the skills learnt benefit them greatly with their studies.  Many students comment that they never really knew how to study before! We have found that when students learn how to study, their confidence soars and their school results can improve dramatically.

Our workshop has been constantly revised and improved by experienced teachers and educational administrators. Continued research ensures that we remain the market leaders in this area of expertise.

No other organisation has been chosen by so many schools and colleges, throughout Ireland to instruct students in learning techniques.


A selection of the following topics are covered:
(depending on Year Level and time available – half day or full day)

  1. Goal Setting: We stress the importance of setting realistic goals. We assist the students in setting their long, intermediate and short term goal charts.
  2. Time Management: Students are shown how to construct a workable study/homework timetable to suit their personal needs.
  3. Note Taking: By working through our sample exercise sheets, students are taught the basic skills of note taking, thereby saving hours of wasted study time!
  4. Memory Techniques: Simple ideas to improve their capacity to store information.
  5. Essay Writing: This very popular lesson shows excellent ways of improving one’s writing skills.
  6. Exam Techniques: We show students how to prepare for and sit their exams and how to construct their revision planners. We point out common pitfalls and explain to them what the examiner is looking for.
  7. Homework Skills: So many students waste long hours copying out their textbooks! We will show them how to make effective use of homework time.
  8. The S.E.S Study Method: Perhaps the most important session of the course! Most students have no idea as to how to study and to retain the information learnt. Their response to this proven method of study, (“SES Test” method),has been remarkable! Students feel confident that by using this unique study method they can now do really well in their exams.


An abridged version of this course can also be presented as an online ‘live’ interactive webinar projected into the students’ classrooms. The webinar consists of two 50-minute sessions and is presented by two teachers in bite-sized sections. Students participate in short exercises and complete a short practical study session.  Please contact us for full details.



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Some schools use the following strategy in order to maximise the effectiveness of our different seminars for their students:

(each student would therefore see us three times during their six years in secondary school).

Introduction to Study Skills: Two and a half hours; 1st or 2nd Year.

Success in School: Full day; 3rd or 5th Year.

Follow-on Seminar: Two and a half hours; 6th Year.